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Safer Care Victoria's new Partnering in healthcare framework will help health services respond to the needs and expectations of consumers.

It aims to help health services involve consumers to deliver care that is safe, person and family centred, equitable and clinically effective. 

By 30 June 2019, health services should identify at least two domains to focus on, and return a completed Statement of intent to

Read the framework

Our Partnering in healthcare framework supports health services with practical strategies to improve healthcare and outcomes for Victorians by better involving patients and their families. 

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Join us at Partnering in healthcare: Together is better on 29–30 April 2019. This two-day forum will combine inspirational keynotes with practical masterclasses and share practical strategies for using our new Partnering in healthcare framework.

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Make the framework work

By 30 June 2019, health services should decide on which two domains and priorities they will focus on.

Use the Partnering in healthcare self-assessment tool

1. Review the domains and suggested priorities for health services outlined in the framework

2. Use the Partnering in healthcare self-assessment tool to:

  • identify your service’s current strengths and challenges against each domain and identify areas in need of improvement
  • identify at least two domains and the priorities you will choose to focus on in the next 12 months.

Complete and submit to the Partnering in healthcare statement of intent

3. Complete the Partnering in healthcare statement of intent and send to us by 30 June 2019. Email your completed statement of intent to


We know better health outcomes happen when consumers, the people that support them and communities work together with health workers. But we also know health service have different levels of success when it comes to partnering with consumers for better care and outcomes. Our framework responds to these challenges.

Designed to support consumer participation in healthcare, our framework was co-produced with consumers, health professionals and community members during 2018. 

Read more about our engagement process

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Manager Consumer Partnerships
Safer Care Victoria
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Page last updated: 28 Feb 2019

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