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Available data

Data is available from three health data collections.

Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset

The Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset (VAED) collects morbidity data on all admitted patients from Victorian public and private acute hospitals including rehabilitation centres, extended care facilities and day procedure centres.

Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset

The Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset (VEMD) collects information on emergency presentations at Victorian public hospitals that receive the non-admitted emergency services grant, and other hospitals as designated by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Elective Surgery Information System

The Elective Surgery Information System (ESIS) collects electronic episode-level elective surgery waiting list information from the major Victorian metropolitan and rural public hospitals.

What the data is used for

The Department of Health and Human Services uses information from these collections to:

  • fund public hospitals equitably
  • support health service planning
  • inform policy
  • support epidemiological research.

The Agency uses information from these collections to:

  • track performance and its reporting.

Individual hospital data

As statistical data, the collections do not form part of, and are not suitable for use in, the treatment of patients. Hospitals maintain comprehensive patient records for this purpose.

For activity and performance information for individual hospitals, health services and statewide data see Victorian Health Services Performance data.


Data release and confidentiality

The Agency’s policy on releasing data aims to protect the privacy of individuals, small community groups and private hospitals. All data to be released is based on de-identified patient level data.

When considering a request for HOSdata, the Agency must be satisfied that the data items requested cannot identify the patients involved, and that the data items requested are appropriate for the proposed use of the data. 

If the data is to be used for a research project the project must be approved by a properly constituted Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). The data recipient must accept the Agency’s standard conditions of release. Note that this is only supplied once an application has been received and assessed by the HOSdata Front Desk.  


How to request data 

Unless otherwise arranged, the Agency responds to all HOSdata requests with data from the previous financial year. In order to receive data from the current year, the applicant must provide a justifiable business case, and the data must be available.

Step 1: Review accessible and restricted data field lists

All applicants should review the accessible and restricted data field lists related to the collection of interest:

The data fields requested must correlate to your business need or purpose, as detailed in your application form. For more information about the data fields refer to the manuals for each data collection. 

If the accessible data and restricted data field lists do not fulfil your current data request, please contact the HOSdata Front Desk detailing the data fields you do require. When your request has been received you will be contacted by the HOSdata Front Desk to verify and further action the request. 

Step 2: Complete the application form

The HOSdata application form collects information about the requestor, the request and a list of the required data fields. It is a Microsoft Excel workbook (Excel 2003 format) with three worksheets to complete, and is available to download from this page.

All requests must be made using the HOSdata application form unless otherwise specified. In order to ensure a responsive and efficient turnaround time please ensure that:

  • the form is fully completed
  • the required data fields are selected using the check boxes
  • you have provided enough information to enable a feasibility assessment
  • all contact information is correct.

For an example of a completed form see a sample HOSdata application form, available to download from this page.

If you require assistance completing any part of the form, please contact the HOSdata front desk.

Step 3: Submit the completed form

Submit fully completed application forms to the HOSdata Front Desk. The HOSdata Front Desk will review applications and provide feedback.

A Conditions of Release document will also be issued to the applicant for consent and to confirm release of the requested data. 

When your request has been received you will be contacted by the HOSdata Front Desk regarding your request.

Page last updated: 18 Sep 2018

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