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Consultative councils

Safer Care Victoria supports Victoria's three ministerial appointed consultative councils that report on highly specialised areas of healthcare to help reduce mortality and morbidity.

The councils:

  • collect, analyse and report data relating to mortality and morbidity cases
  • identify avoidable or contributing factors
  • provide advice and recommendations to inform priority areas for research, quality and safety improvements and policy development.

The three councils work closely together and the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 permits confidential information to be shared between them.

Advisory councils

Safer Care Victoria also supports a number of independent councils that provide advice to the Department of Health and Human Services and/or the Minister for Health.

CCOPMM identifies and reports on issues relating to perinatal, maternal and paediatric mortality and morbidity
VCCAMM provides advice on avoidable causes of morbidity and mortality related to anaesthesia
The Victorian Surgical Consultative Council identifies avoidable causes of mortality and morbidity relating to surgery
This independent body puts clinicians and consumers front and centre by providing leadership and advice on a safer health system
This council works to ensure patient engagement and experience is a priority for Victorian health services
The Review Board will monitor and report on the safe operation of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act

Page last updated: 10 Apr 2018